Worship Without Limits | Philip Renner

This book will change the way you worship.


Deepen Your Passion As a Worshipper. 

Develop Your Skills as a Worship Leader.


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Move Beyond Sunday.


Worship is a Priceless Gift.

Unfortunately for many, this gift remains often unopened because of a lack of understanding.

Worship is not christianized entertainment, a religious ritual, or zealous demonstration.

The biblical picture of worship is an intimate encounter with the infinite God that spreads into every part of your daily life.


practical Lessons in Worship.


Philip Renner’s powerful testimonies, biblical teaching, practical application, and prayers of activation will help you access a lifestyle of encounter in God’s Presence.

Worship Without Limits equips you to:

  • Change atmospheres around you

  • Cultivate a spirit of humility that gets Heaven’s attention

  • Understand how to use melody and key to unleash unity from Heaven

  • Lead others into God’s presence with musical excellence and prophetic sensitivity

Take the limits off of your worship, and encounter God’s presence in amazing new ways!


“What I have learned about worship was quietly forged on the mission field.”

Growing up on the frontlines of the Russian mission field, Phil Renner’s heart burns with a passion for sharing this amazing truth. Under Phil’s leadership, Renner Worship has become an influential worship voice in Russia.


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True worship starts when we seek God first and foremost above everything else in life.
— Philip Renner